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When I read a book, I will finish it if it meets three criteria: there is a unique voice with a story to tell; there is tension of the deepest sort -- overt or otherwise -- holding the narrative in place; and the story leaves me changed emotionally, psychologically, and dare I say, spiritually.

I write the books I want to read, and I know that a great many readers share my tastes.

As with many 21st Century writers, my work is an amalgam of literary and genre influences . . . specifically American Literature and Science Fiction. I don't write to fit into any class of fiction. I don't write to win contests. I don't write to win awards. I just write.

With great joy I offer my books to you. Please read below to discover more about my work and influences, and also to see how my process offers a better reading experience for you, the reader.

Influential Topics:

Influential Books:

Why my work is awesome and why you should read it (should you want to):

Although I feel readers simply want good books to read, I must offer a few organizing thoughts to address the current state of literature, and the war between "traditional" and "self" publishing.

I reject any tag someone may have for my mode of publishing. Period.

I write, design, and manage every aspect of my books. I have a real editor, but beyond that, all of the interior/exterior book layouts, websites, kerning, and font choices are all mine. I write for the passion of expression, and I've left little for others to do. My vision is complete, from the design of my website to the type of finish on my book covers. The results speak for themselves.

My work is vetted. Vetted by the only group of people I care about: the readers. You take a risk reading my books for the first time as you would with any author. While I love to entertain as many people as I can, I'm not writing for all people. Realistically, a select few will love what I do . . . more than any writer could ask for.

I don't solicit agents or publishers for their services. I don't enter contests. I don't seek awards, nor do I belong to the networks of writers that hand them to their members. I am not a sycophant of any "famous" author, and I don't have a long list of dubious creative collaborations meant to show you how experienced I am. I am not charging other writers money to teach them how to write, and I am not a blogger.

I simply write the fiction I want to write -- without market pressures and without delusion. My fans have supported me over the years, and I make a healthy living. Word of mouth has been my most powerful marketing tool. For that reason, you will always get a more authentic and more challenging read from me than the majority of other work out there. I spend my time writing good books: nothing else.

A good book speaks for itself, and my books are no different. Let my work speak to you. The above list of topics and influences will either pique your interest or tell you that my work probably isn't for you.

Either way, I hope your next read is a good one.