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I, Seymour, Volume 1, offers a view of humankind’s first artificial sentient creations, the Seymours, as neither divine saviors nor conquering machines. Beset by human imperfections and ideologies—the hidden groundwork for Seymour thinking—this new race of post-human beings find themselves without purpose, yet not without motivation.

Volume 1 features two stories of Seymour and human struggle: Project Filigree and Die, Seymour, Die. Enjoy Stover’s fresh look at robot genesis from the lens of theological crisis and existential yearning.

This volume also features chapter excerpts from Blue Throne-sponsored authors C. A. Hartman and Nick Stasnopolis.

Bonus Excerpts Include:

The Refugee (Ch. 1 & 2), by C. A. Hartman - Military Science Fiction exploring the mysteries of DNA . . . and the heart.

Gamers (Ch. 1), by Nick Stasnopolis - Satirical Science Fiction from an employee perspective.

Blue Earth (Ch. 1), by Jeff Stover - Near-Future Thriller involving accidental next-humankind.


by Jeff Stover

ISBN: 978-0-9842781-2-1

Published in 2013

Science Fiction Novel Blue Earth by writer Jeff Stover

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